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Thoughts & dreams in San Genesio/Jenesien

Anecdotes, stories, and thoughts. People often say that pictures speak louder than words, but sometimes our words have the power to convey certain feelings and emotions that a picture wouldn’t be able to capture. That’s why we have collected and written down our stories here. We wanted to give you a glimpse into our life, what shapes us and makes us who we are.

Entry 1 – 18.09.2019

Why my great-grandfather fell in love with the “Riviera of the Alps”

Entry 2 – 18.09.2019

In every family business, the question of who will take over arises: Who wants to? Who is able to? Who should? And if the one who should is also able to, then the question remains: Do they want to? That was more or less the case with us.

Entry 3 – 14.10.2019

Become one with nature. How the Saltus became an eco hotel.

Entry 4 – 14.10.2019

Saltus Relaxation Programme

Entry 5 – 14.10.2019

How Hildegard of Bingen inspired us to create the Forest Spa and Sky Spa.

Holiday packages. Laced with love.

Nature-loving offers for you.

Like everything in the eco Hotel Saltus in South Tyrol, we have carefully put together our offers and packages. They are so inviting that even we are tempted to book them. Our packages are complemented with seasonal and regional cuisine, our Forest Spa, the Sky Pools, the view of the Dolomites, and our relaxation programme with yoga, forest bathing, and much more.

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