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Yoga is a path
that leads to our true self.

Yoga hotel in South Tyrol

The world inside us is infinite. And yet, our focus is almost exclusively on the outside world. Discover the world inside you with yoga. You are welcome to practise yoga at the Hotel Saltus in South Tyrol, even if you do not yet have any experience. Yoga combines 4,000 years of proven and regularly practised body and mind exercise with the therapeutic backdrop of the forest in our yoga room. Yoga is grounding, a philosophy, and an eternal path to happiness and contentment – with quickly noticeable effects and focus on the interaction between the body and soul. During your holiday in San Genesio/Jenesien, you can take the first step on the path to yoga. Learn effective breathing techniques that help distribute our prana – the energy in our body – evenly. Practise simple poses in an environment that gives you strength, surrounded by forests and mountains that guard the horizon. You can even take the knowledge you gather home with you. Yoga, as an integral part of life, has the potential to change the world – and it transforms the person who studies it. At the same time, it promotes concentration, attentive awareness in the present moment, stimulates the internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines as well as our self-healing processes.

You can practise yoga with us gently and mindfully, with instructors who live our philosophy as we do – enhanced by the lush green scenery of the forest that surrounds you. The knowledge that our yoga instructors pass on to you is based on the 196 aphorisms of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjal, which have been proven by psychologists worldwide. Patanjali lived around the time of Christ and is considered to be the oldest psychologist and first representative of the biophilia effect – mindfulness towards oneself, one’s fellow human beings, and nature. This way of thought is also practised in our Hotel Saltus.

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Yoga teaches us to love and accept ourselves,
our fellow human beings, and our environment.

Hiking and forest bathing are wonderful ways to connect our inner self with the world in and around us. To feel unity and realise that everything is interconnected. That our smile and our self-love has the power to transform our environment. That beyond our thoughts lies something tranquil and everlasting. Discover what is waiting to be revealed inside of you – and unveil it to the world. You’ll never be the same again. Experience our yoga philosophy in connection with the healing power of the forest, the biophilia concept, and the naturally evolved philosophy of our Hotel Saltus in San Genesio/Jenesien.

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Naturverliebte Angebote für Sie.

Wie alles in Ihrem Eco Hotel Saltus in Südtirol sind auch unsere Angebote und Pauschalen sorgfältig von uns zusammengestellt worden. So wunderbar einladend, dass auch wir Lust darauf bekommen, sie zu buchen. Verfeinert werden unsere Pauschalen mit saisonaler und regionaler Kulinarik, unserem Forest Spa, den Sky Pools, dem Dolomitenblick und unserem Entspannungsprogramm mit Yoga, Waldbaden und vielem mehr.

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