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A holiday in the forest is grounding. It brings us back to our roots and is especially important for the body and mind. Nestled in the forest, our Hotel Saltus awaits you at a scientifically proven health-promoting altitude of 1,100 metres above sea level. On the “green riviera” of South Tyrol between the Dolomites and Salto/Salten, and very close to Bolzano/Bozen.

Ode to earth.
Saltus green.

The first eco hotel in San Genesio/Jenesien
The first eco hotel in San Genesio/Jenesien
Nature requires devotion

For the construction of our eco hotel, we used natural materials from the region. Larch wood for the façade, porphyry rock from the excavated materials for the flooring, and loam clay and limestone for the floors and walls. We also used lots of inspiration to create an unparalleled living experience.

Taking the scenic route from Bolzano, you can soar effortlessly over the treetops towards the seclusion of our eco hotel – looking down at endless shades of green. Just eight kilometers separate the lively city of Bolzano/Bozen from this extraordinary natural setting in San Genesio/Jenesien, where you will find the Hotel Saltus awaiting your arrival. We will reward you for your carbon-neutral journey by train.

The tranquillity and resilience of sturdy spruce and pinewood trunks soothe you in this unique room. The modest, natural interior directs your gaze outside, where the forest and mountains characterise the landscape and a world of emotions. With extra-long box spring beds for intimate moments.
Our Saltus Suite blurs the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor worlds and creates a sense of understated luxury. Enjoy the evening glow of the Dolomites intimately on your spacious terrace – and unforgettable moments in the extra-long box spring bed. With clay walls, limestone flooring, and lots of space for exceptional experiences in full ...
Individual suite for one or two guests, with extra-long box spring bed, pleasant western sun. The openable glazed windows allow natural sunlight in throughout the afternoon. Tip: The 35 m2 Single Suite is our most economical option for two guests.
Our solution for families: a two-bedrooms suite with two balconies, two bathrooms and a shared entrance hall.

Poetic spaces.
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Between magical Salto/Salten, the porphyry red Val Sarentino/Sarntal Alps, and the everlasting Dolomites, there is a place that has an extraordinary effect on us. Things that otherwise seem important lose their weight and simply fly away, disappearing into the blue sky, between the treetops and infinity. In this moment, something completely different becomes important – something that we have almost forgotten. It awakens in us when we prick up our ears and listen to the sounds of the forest. When we inhale deeply and fill our lungs with fresh air that smells of moss and early morning dew. Amid this fascinating world, one of the most unique eco hotels in South Tyrol rises out of the forest, blending harmoniously with the natural colours of the surroundings. Rooms and suites are nestled next to one another, with limestone flooring and clay walls, porphyry stone from the excavation, and beeswax sealants. All this makes us forget all our spatial limitations and embed ourselves in an illusion of true boundlessness. Is it an illusion? Naturalness and aesthetics are masterly combined at 1,100 metres above sea level. In the Forest Spa. In the rooftop Sky Pools. In all rooms of our eco hotel in South Tyrol. Next to your bed, there is a small booklet for your big thoughts, inspired by the very essence of being. You can find this expressed in so many ways in this very special place. Feel free to keep the booklet – just like the memories of your extraordinary stay in San Genesio/Jenesien.

Memoirs of a guest

As if by itself, my outlook has changed. Every morning, I get up and feel light. I almost have to laugh that I had forgotten about that feeling…

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Holiday packages. Laced with love.

Nature-loving offers for you.

Like everything in the eco Hotel Saltus in South Tyrol, we have carefully put together our offers and packages. They are so inviting that even we are tempted to book them. Our packages are complemented with seasonal and regional cuisine, our Forest Spa, the Sky Pools, the view of the Dolomites, and our relaxation programme with yoga, forest bathing, and much more.

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