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How Hildegard of Bingen inspired us to create the Forest Spa and Sky Spa.

Entry 5 – 14.10.2019

Salutogenesis, resilience, and basic prevention are the wellness trends of the future. Now that digital detox, forest medicine, mental wellness, meditation, mindfulness, and lifestyle coaching are not just terms used by my yoga teacher, but also my grandmother, it’s become clear: slow is the new cool!
The aim of the wellness treatments at Saltus is to establish a wellness routine during your holiday that can be maintained and practised at home. We believe that wellness is a concept that (in nature) is accessible to everyone. At least 30% of our spa treatments and facilities find their counterpart in nature (e.g. Kneipp vs. mountain stream).
Wellness should not be seen as an elitist institution but as an integral part of maintaining good health. Therefore, we strive to create access to wellness on a wide scale and have designed our wellness facility and all treatments according to the four-element doctrine. 

The four-element doctrine, which was already advocated by the Greek philosophers just like Plato, assumes that every life is based on the harmonious interaction of fire, water, earth, and air. Health and well-being are possible when the four elements are in perfect balance.

“God created the elements of the world. All the elements are in man, and with them, man functions. The elements are called fire, air, water, and earth. Man lives with them and they live with man.” – Hildegard of Bingen

Not only were similar conclusions reached by the Yin Yang teachings in Chinese philosophy but also by some self-critical observers: we humans have different, sometimes polarising, needs within us.  For example, the need for excitement and relaxation, for community but also for solitude, for protection and exposure. In order to provide a platform for this human nature at the Saltus, we have consciously decided to locate our water and pool area at the highest point of the Saltus – the rooftop – and thus separate it from our spa and sauna area, which is located at the lowest point, in the spruce forest – like a glass nest floating weightlessly in the woods. While our Forest Spa is protected and reclusive, the Sky Spa offers an airy display on the top floor with a 180° panorama of the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Dolomites.

It’s up to you where you want to relax. The deeper you go, the quieter it becomes.

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