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Yoga Retreat with Elle Todorova

23.04.21 – 25.04.21
Price from
€ 550,-
The price is per person including half board. Bookable for the Forest Loggia.
Also bookable during these periods:
23.04.21 – 25.04.21,
07.05.21 – 09.05.21,
10.12.21 – 12.12.21
Yoga Retreat with Elle Todorova

Allow yourself to take some time off to recharge. Connect to yourself and learn to increase your willpower and change your habits. Our program was designed to help you create more balance. Inner balance has a huge impact on the way you shape your life. The connection between your mind and body will support you in having a more peaceful life. The Reset and Restart Retreat is suitable for all levels.

What you can expect
  • 2 nights in a Forest Loggia
  • Access to the Sky Pools and Forest SPA
  • Breakfast à la carte
  • Healthy regional dinner based on the season's produce
  • 2 Energy Yoga Flow units
  • 2 Yin Yoga sessions
  • 2 Pranayama and Meditation sessions
  • 1 hike over the Salten (nature reserve)
  • Workshop for Body & Mind - increase your strength of will
  • Goodie bag with nice surprises
Where nature is at home,
true relaxation begins.

The forest is a rich and diverse natural habitat, where trees and shrubs, mushrooms, and lichens grow. Apart from game, many other animals live here. Nature conservation aims to preserve this diversity and to protect the individual species. In addition, the forest is a place we use for recreation and relaxation. Forest Spa at Saltus.

Holiday packages. Laced with love.


Saltus opening special
Summer start

per person from € 138,- of 2 nights
13.05.21 – 20.05.21

6+1 Getaway
Find peace

per person from € 977,-
30.05.21 – 18.07.21, 21.11.21 – 22.12.21

Saltus Green

travel by train and - 5% save
all year round

Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga Retreat
4 days

per person from € 735,-
16.05.21 – 19.05.21, 22.07.21 – 25.07.21, 16.12.21 – 19.12.21

Yoga Retreat with Kat Swenson
4 days

per person from € 750,-
17.06.21 – 20.06.21, 25.11.21 – 28.11.21

Yoga Retreat with Elle Todorova
3 days

per person from € 550,-
23.04.21 – 25.04.21, 07.05.21 – 09.05.21, 10.12.21 – 12.12.21

Art Retreat

Drawing techniques

per person from € 750,- excl. materials
17.06.21 – 20.06.21 (fully booked)


per person from additional fee €190,- on the list price
all year round
Nature-loving offers for you.

Like everything in the eco Hotel Saltus in South Tyrol, we have carefully put together our offers and packages. They are so inviting that even we are tempted to book them. Our packages are complemented with seasonal and regional cuisine, our Forest Spa, the Sky Pools, the view of the Dolomites, and our relaxation programme with yoga, forest bathing, and much more.

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